Try Daniel Alexander's Bestsellers men's underwear this New Year

Posted on December 28 2021

Try Daniel Alexander's Bestsellers men's underwear this New Year

The year 2021, was quite a wild ride. We came across some deadliest viruses and went through the toughest time- COVID-19. However, we should always remember that "change is the law of nature". Hence, there are plenty of good things which are worth celebrating. 

We know we cannot celebrate New Year just like we used to do before 2020 and still cannot opt for bigger gatherings because the fight is still on. But we can celebrate New Year by keeping the spirit high and within our family members. We can keep a small lunch get-together.

Now, if you have already made plans with your family members you cannot opt for an average-looking outfit and men's underwear.

In this men's underwear blog, we will be guiding you or suggesting you styles of male underwear which you can pair with your outfit. When it comes to picking up men's underwear styles for special occasions, how can we forget Daniel Alexander's underwear styles for men?

Men's underwear styles by Daniel Alexander 

1. Daniel Alexander DAK051 Limited Ass Kini Thong

The geometric print used in this style is the foremost reason for placing this style at no 1. Just look how colorful the entire underwear appears!  This men's thong underwear is skinny yet offers an adequate amount of coverage. As a result, a person wearing it feels less conscious and more confident. The skinny design gives a nice exposure to your thighs and butt.

To enhance the look and print of the underwear, designers have used contrast and a slightly darker color for the piping.The fabric composition- polyamide and spandex make this tiny pair of lingerie comfortable and supportive pair of underwear for men. 

How to style?

To experience the best out of this style, make sure to wear it with your skinny or high waist pair of jeans.

2. Daniel Alexander DAI063 Free Panels Bikini

Men have this perception towards bikini underwear, "it's made for women". However, the ground reality is bikini underwear is for men as well.

Daniel Alexander's Free Panel Bikini underwear is designed to enhance the features of the wearer. Furthermore, this tiny pair of male lingerie makes you feel comfortable. The sheer panels of the fabrics look too good.

Speaking about the support, designers have included a contour pouch for better support and enhancement. Polyamide and Spandex are used in crafting the pair.

Daniel Alexander DAI063 Free Panels Bikini

How to style?

Wear this sexy male underwear with a woolen long shrug and knit wool socks for men. Apply some body butter and a nice body mist. 

3. Daniel Alexander DAI061 Capri Bikini

Daniel Alexander's Capri Bikini underwear for men is another great style which you can opt from the Bestsellers category.This skimpy pair of men's bikinis look amazing when you wear them without being conscious. Instead of using tags, designers have opted for a logo to avoid any sort of discomfort for the wearer. 

The sexy male underwear enhances your features very well. Moreover, the fabric composition used in designing the style is polyamide and spandex. This composition makes this style flexible, stretchable, and easy to carry. If you find yourself comfortable in it, go ahead and flaunt your best features on the beach. Also, you can wear it for regular activities. 


Daniel Alexander DAI061 Capri Bikini

How to pair?

This sexy male lingerie looks great in high waist jeans. You can even pair it with your skinny jeans. 

4. Daniel Alexander DAI066 Bikini

This pair of men's bikinis is a beautiful pair of lingerie. The contrasting panels used in designing style make it unique. Because it consists of sheer fabric, hence you need to shave your balls as the style has nothing to hide.

Daniel Alexander DAI066 Bikini

Men wondering whether the style can keep the person going on and on an entire day, then the answer would be "YES". This sexy male underwear is comfortable due to polyamide and spandex.

How to style?

You can wear it with your low-waist and skinny pair of jeans.

5. Daniel Alexander DAI065 Graffiti Bikini

This Polyester-Spandex underwear for men looks great when you wear it in the right size. This men's bikini provides you with great coverage, as a result, this style of men's lingerie is perfect for beginners.


Daniel Alexander DAI065 Graffiti Bikini

How to style?

Why do you want to hide this incredible pair beneath your trousers? Just wear it with your blue or white-colored turtleneck, socks and you are good to go.

So, go ahead and pick your favorite style before it's too late. Daniel Alexander is offering min 30% Off Sitewide on the occasion of the New Year. You can even use the first-time coupon NEWDANIEL, if shopping for the first time. Pick the Best Selling products.

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