Some Strange Underwear Habits That You Think Are Weird But Totally Normal

Posted on July 05 2022

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A warm welcome to all of you reading this and I hope that you are doing great. There are times in a man’s life when he does things which seem abnormal or unusual to others but it seems right to you.

If you are one of these people who totally relate to situations of this kind and you are thinking that doing such things in case of men’s underwear is right or wrong then you are at the right place amigo.

Here we will be discussing some of the points which we think are strange and weird men’s underwear habits but are totally normal.

So let us start our discussion without any further ado.


Sniffing The Underwear Before You Wear It

Now, this is one of those points which we discussed in the above passage and many may start to relate with it now. It happens to many of us that we sniff our men’s underwear before wearing it.

 Daniel Alexander DAK048 Slash Thong

The reason may be anything. Either we have built a habit that wants us to check whether the underwear I am going to wear is fresh or not. IT could be anything. And here I want you to believe that it is not that big a deal. Rather, I would say it is healthy to do so.

If it assures you that the pair is fresh then you are relieved from the unnecessary pressure that doubt would create on you.


Reaching Out For It

Here I am talking about adjustment and nothing else. Consider your self in an extreme position where you are not able to reach that comfort level with your men’s designer underwear and to make it right you need to reach out down there with your hands.

 Daniel Alexander DAI064 Capri Bikini

It may be contradictory for many considering if such crises arise in the public. But if it’s not in public then you should definitely go for it. Because for me comfort tops the list.


Getting It Out of The Cage

I may sound peculiar while describing the situation but this is something that can not be explained in nice words. Here I am talking about the situation when the piece of fabric gets stuck in the butt crack.

Daniel Alexander DAK064 Sheer Panel Thong

Now, this happens with many of us all the time and many of us may even think that something unusual like this happens with us and only us. It is not you guys. But if you think that being released from that unusual situation is something people don’t do, then you are wrong here.

Men’s underwears are supposed to get us into such problems and there is no harm in reaching out.



Now, this is something many of us would do anyway, and the majority of us would think that it is fine. 

But I had to write this down for the few who still think that going commando out in the public is not many people do. For the people who did not understand the phrase.

Daniel Alexander DAI069 Daniel Bikini

By commando, I mean going without naked. It is totally fine and aggregable. So there is no harm and for those who have never tried it.

So, this was our discussion, I hope that you like it and if you wish to check out the new collection like men’s bikini, men’s jockstraps, men’s boxers, men’s briefs, and many others then just click on the link.



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