G-string for Men

The g-string underwear for men is for all the adventurous men and their wild fantasies. The apparel line of Daniel Alexander can effortlessly embrace the male physique and the flattering fit can gratify your sex appeal. The label has coined it’s name among the male population with the on-trend and luxurious line of men’s underwear.

The collection of Men’s G-string underwear of Daniel Alexander is aesthetically revolutionary. The gamut of varied style can match different taste buds. The underneath article feature a supportive pouch that covers the bare essentials of an individual. While a string slips in between the conventional cheek at the back. Other than this, you won’t find a scrap of fabric in the entire construction. Not an ideal option for faint of hearts, the g-string underwear can add a flare of sensuality in your personality.

The brand uses natural and synthetic fibers like cotton, nylon, polyester, polyamide and other microfiber along with spandex for ultimate comfort and reasonable stretch. The erotic and revealing g-string can make you look and feel sexy down there. So, check out the assortment and feel the confidence level go to the new heights with Daniel Alexander.