Have you tried these colors in men's g-string underwear?

Posted on December 11 2020

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Are you one of those who go shopping and pick the underwear without thinking of color? Or are you one of them who are particular about the color of his underwear as well? Well, doesn't matter because our blog is for both of them. Even if you are particular about the color of your men's underwear, there are chances that you might pick the which either diminish your color or embrace it.

So before we head on the " color for different skin tone", let us educate men about the colors of men's g-string. Though there are various colors, below are the ones which we liked the most. Starting with Black.


Black is an evergreen color. Black as a color is known for authority, embraces your sex appeal, sophisticated, and mostly used in power dressing. Therefore, if you are looking for a pair of men's underwear that embraces and let you put your best foot forward, after red, we would recommend you to go with black lace underwear or black mesh underwear, whichever style you feel is right for you.

Another advantage of wearing black g-string underwear for men is it flatters your shape and make you look slim.

mens sexy g-strings


Just like black, white is an evergreen color. You cannot be sure about green mens g-string, orange-colored mens g-string underwear but you can be 100% sure about white mens g-string underwear. Just like black, white colors well contrasts prints and patterns. White is such a common color that you will find at least one pair of white underwear in every man's closet.


Men, women, everyone loves red color. Red is all about passion, love, desire therefore when you are picking mens g-string underwear for your foreplay, do consider a red paired g-string.


When it comes to pink color, the first thought which crosses your mind" it's a feminine color". Well, we guess you need to stop acting like someone from 19ties. Just like any other color, pink is unique in itself and loves great when carried with confidence. These days men are picking up pink color mens jockstrap, pick color mens briefs and pick colored mens g-string underwear as well. This is a great color when the mood is to be playful, naughty, or when you wish to woo your partner.

This was about the best colors for your mens g-string, now it's time to know which shade suits your skin tone and which does not. Just liking picking the right color is important similarly wearing them according to your skin tone is equally important.


Whether it's teal, turquoise, or navy blue, it's hard to hate shades of blue. This color has such beautiful shades that regardless of style, you will surely love it.

Blue as a color is known for stability, charm, honor, and softness. Well, we have no idea about other brands mens g-string underwear collection, Daniel Alexander g-string collection is worth giving a try.

mens sexy g-string underwear

Skin tone : Fair/Pale

Someone who is born with pale or fair skin tone should look for mens g-string underwear in dark colors as dark-colored mens g-string will help you combine with light-colored vest or t-shirts. Dark-colored mens g-string will diminish your skin color.

Colors like grey, brown, Burgandy, bottle green, navy, and bolder shades of blue works well because all these shades are contrasting.

Colors not to consider

Say big no to soft, pastel shades or bright colors if you don't want your mens g-string to camouflage with your skin tone. Being a pale skin tone man, one should avoid wearing white, light beige, or stone colored g-string underwear for men. Rather go for rich shades such as sand, camel, khaki, and slate grey.

Skin tone: Olive/Medium Skin

Well, men with olive or medium skin tone are a little bit lucky from those with fair skin tone because they get a wide spectrum of colors to try on. Such men are considered "warm complexion" men.

Shades which you can consider while picking mens g-string underwear for yourself are pale beige rather than warm sand if you're opting for light neutrals. Bolder shades of purple such as magenta can also be considered for the mens g-string underwear range. Do not go with mauve.

Colors not to consider

Because your skin has slightly yellow or green undertones, you cannot wear mens g-string underwear which is designed in shades of yellow or green. Pistachio, mustard, olive, and mocha brown are not made for you, hence stay away from them. If you are looking for a pair of mens g-string in white or pastels, make sure you are tanned enough so that people can experience your existence.

Skin tone: Dark

Dark skin men can wear whichever color they want. The best part about being a dark skin tone person is that all colors go well with your skin tone, though there are few exceptions.

Colors which you can consider for your mens g-string underwear are bold, bright colors like jade green or cobalt blue. Black and navy blue are two colors which you can keep and trust when you have no idea which one to go with.

Colors not to consider

Brown, pastel shades are not meant for you.

When we say that you should not wear so and so shade, that does not mean you should only wear colors that are recommended. It means you can wear them but in less amount. Try incorporating the colors which suit your personality.

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