Pistol Pete Men's Sexy & Sporty Underwear

Daniel Alexander now offers the Pistol Pete–designed collection at reasonable prices. The fashionable guys of the world may get everything they need at Pistol Pete, including men’s underwear, men’s swimwear, men’s sportswear, men’s athletic wear, and men’s loungewear. Since its inception, the company has been one of the most recognized names in the men's underwear market, delivering creative designs that have been imitated by competitors.

The brand has achieved this high standard by going beyond the boundaries and acquiring a wide variety of men's underwear styles that include men's briefs, men's bikinis, men's thongs, men's jockstraps, and men's boxer shorts.

Daniel Alexander's products contain only luxurious fabric compositions that provide superior comfort and support, particularly to manhood. 

We at Daniel Alexander think the collection is "inspiring," and we want you to know that the solids/sheer fabric, contouring/snug fit pouches, masculine/preppy color combinations, and more found in Pistol Pete Underwear all contribute to a greater sense of self-assurance.

Have a look at the selection and see if there's something that speaks to you.

Daniel Alexander

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