Cover Male Underwear and Swimwear

Cover Male has made a name for itself in the men's underwear industry, leaving a legacy of fashionable men's underwear styles in unique ranges.

The underwear styles include men's jockstraps, men's g-strings, men's thongs, men's briefs, men's bikinis, and men's running shorts. In a nutshell, it is a club of men's sexy underwear that dares you to flaunt your manhood and sexiness after wearing it. 

Confused with the body type match? Lost confidence by wearing one underwear style. Cover Male has your back by providing various men's underwear styles from which you can choose the right fit for yourself.

Cover Male underwear is perfect for lounging around or getting a little saucy in. The pouch of the men’s enhancing underwear series is shaped to fit your package and hold it up securely without causing any discomfort, so you may enjoy a lift without sacrificing comfort. An enhancement bulge is included in several of the brand's collections to raise one's size and provide extra support.

If you are a person with a perfect body shape, then Cover Male's exotic underwear is designed for you. Cover Male Thongs and G-Strings are exotic and dirty underwear that can provide both a wild feel and sexiness. The high cuts and low-rise fit will show off your body and help you create meaningful moments with your partner.


The Cover Male collection utilizes various microfiber and cotton blends to provide a range of options that provide support, stretch, and durability for a wide variety of body types. Brighten up your underwear drawer with some attractive Cover Male underwear from Daniel Alexander.

Daniel Alexander

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